This website is especially dedicated to tongue drum

An original creation from the craftsmen at Metal Sounds, offers an alternate and complementary drum to the hand pan Space drum. This tongue drum is out there in several harmonized ranges.

Best characterised drum

Entirely produced in France, the tongue drum is an intuitive instrument consisting of two chrome steel shells welded together. it's played with hands or mallets which are included with each instrument. The tongue drum features a remarkable wealth of sounds and with pitch perfect tuning, it allows you to get bewitching and meditative harmonics suitable for relaxation sessions, musical awakening and music therapy workshops.

New percussion instrument

The Steel tongue drum, also called Tongue Drum, may be a new percussion instrument whose relaxing sounds are greatly appreciated by music therapists or anyone trying to find moments of sweetness in their life. the very fact that no wrong note is feasible makes its handling extremely easy. you do not get to have played a instrument in your life or know music theory to start out playing it. From the primary grip, you who thought you had never had the soul of a musician or a musician, you'll be very pleasantly surprised by your ability to make magnificent melodies.

Musical awakening instrument

The Steel tongue drum isn't only an instrument suitable for music therapy, it's also the perfect instrument for the musical awakening of youngsters also as adults and even very old people. The notes being tuned to every other, no false note is feasible , you only need to abandoning and luxuriate in the instant . The relaxing sounds of the tongue drum being present whenever a note is played, the pleasure is immediate and therefore the effort is instantly rewarded. this enables people with concentration difficulties to not see the time passed because once you've got a tongue drum in your hands, time comes in as if in suspension. Music fills our whole being and clears the mind opening the fundamentals of music therapy (also called music therapy).


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Playing percussive beats to jump into grooving rhythms

One of the mysteries of life is that no-one tells drummers concerning the upbeat. They mention the backbeat—part of it, for sure—but they don’t go more and justify that a serious part of the groove is specializing in the bits between the dominant notes (often wherever laypeople faucet their feet). And it’s not simply keeping consistent note values, either. It’s maintaining consistent stress on these upbeats. Fail therein one and you devastate a groove on the far (steel tongue drum) [...]