The best way to put together a socialbook

But with virtually all of our photo content now hosted on the digital realm, what’s the simplest thanks to set about creating one these days? Unfortunately, there’s no easy solution.

Uploading and printing

Uploading and printing all of one’s Facebook & Instagram photos may be a ridiculously long and painstaking process. As a result, we’re forced to share most of our memories with loved ones exclusively through social feeds – which just doesn’t have an equivalent effect as a physical book.

Entering My Social Book

A singular web-based platform that quickly turns Facebook and Instagram content into tangible photo books. It’s the sole service that permits any social media user to make a book collection that brings together all of their content – in only one click. So, mysocialbook may be a good way for anyone to revisit and share 10+ years of memories not only photos but also posts and other content,” said Nicolas Cazagou, the inventor of the technology and startup’s Founder. The “anyone” that the company’s visionary mentions is an especially important point. In as quick as 45 seconds, My Social Book will put together a comprehensive collection of any user’s Facebook & Instagram content during a way that’s viewable even by those that don’t use social media (like some older demographics).

Technology utility

The technology utilizes a proprietary algorithm to pick the foremost relevant & engaging content, and recognizes patterns to order it during a way that optimizes presentation. And it doesn’t stop with just photos – as posts, likes, and videos (in the shape of QR codes) are often easily integrated also. Users then have the power to perform light edits before sending their creation off to printing, which is a neighbourhood the corporate takes great pride in. a spread of worldwide printer partnerships are in situ , additionally to a money-back guarantee, to make sure the very best quality.

Hence, this process has proven quite successful so far – as 81% of My Social Book customers reported an equivalent or better product output compared to traditional photo book services.